Our Story

Here is our story. We look forward to hearing yours

Every member of our team is unified around one purpose: to help you attain your goals and secure your future and your retirement. Our team is dedicated to working collaboratively, both internally as a firm and externally with your family’s trusted professionals. Wells Capital Group’s Founder, Tanner Wells, has been serving families throughout Southern Nevada for over 7 years. He was inspired to launch Wells Capital Group in order to offer more to his clients and better provide the level of service he desired for his clients.

When it comes down to it people are really looking for financial advisors who care about them. Who put their interests and needs first. People want financial advisors who will work hard for them and who will develop lasting relationships.  Wells Capital Group is built upon the foundation of these principles.

We value honesty, integrity and personal relationships.

When we created Wells Capital Group, we built it on our client relationships.  We don’t work for a bank or brokerage firm, we work for you.  Our clients are treated as family. We care deeply about each family we serve. We manage our clients’ money with the same thoughtfulness as our own.

We value our clients’ objectives.

We understand that each client is unique. We set out to help our clients pursue their objectives as best they can. When working to establish our client’s goals, we work strategically to reduce the risk necessary to help work towards those goals.

We value the process and your success.

Given that we can’t predict or control markets, we focus on the things that we can control.Our Retire Well Road Map is structured to help in the areas of Income, Investments, Taxes, Health Care and Legacy Planning. Having defined practices in place helps us manage risk and reduce the powerful emotional influences that can dramatically affect an financial portfolio. We plan to be by our clients side for the rest of their lives.  Managing their wealth so that they can focus on the things that matter most in their retirement years.

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